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Mar 17 2009

My designing started for purely selfish reasons.

Not being able to find the items of jewelry and accessories that I wanted,in my so-called, avant-garde style and a relatively reasonable price point, I started making what I wanted. Is there really a style to what I do? Probably not. I just see stones, beads and any thing else that catches my fancy, add whiff of earthyness and see what becomes interesting to me. The mix of the semi- precious stones such as AGATE, JASPER, CORAL , PEARLS, AVENTURINE, JADE, TURQUOISE, CARNELIAN, ART GLASS  with, STERLING SILVER, CROCHETED WIRE , GOLD FILLED AND VERMIELED  findings, and even such items as RESIN  and MYHRR just seem to take the interst to a different level.  Apparently, the interesting part also appeals to others as I often found myself selling my designs off of my neck. While I've just have been around for a scant couple of years, the collections seem to appeal to "Every Woman With a Little Diva in Her!" ..... Is that you?  

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