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Thanks for Joining me @ The Slater Center

Dec 21 2009

A big THANK YOU to all of you that joined me at The Thomas H. Slater Center on December  12, 2009. The general turnout was on the low side but i was fortunate to have an abundance of visitors to my booth.  The different vendors that were there had some beautiful quality items and many of us wound up patronizing each other.  These events are beautiful in the fact that one does get to meet so many talented people.

There are days, such as that one, when a customer tries on a peice of jewelry, and you realized that you designed it just for her, even if you've never met her before. So was the purchaser of the Agate Majesty Necklace (which made it's debut at the show as well as a number of peices from my  Channelling HOT Coco Collection ). When she put it on, it had her name on it.

I also had the feeling about the Carnelian Mardi Gras peice that was also purchased at the show. The purchaser bought it to give as a gift, but when she tried it on -- it shouted her name.  I  will be curious to know if the "giftee" actually receives it.  

Hope all of you have a blessed holiday  and and abundance in every catagory of your lives for the New Year!

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